kasia idzkowska

About Me

Kasia Idzkowska has established herself as one of the premier photographers across the jazz music scene. Working internationally, she has recently increased her presence in NYC. Kasia often combines her favorite genres of photography, moving freely between documentary and portraiture. She has presented her work in numerous galleries worldwide. Her work has appeared on album covers and in Warner Music Poland, Agora Music, and High Note publications. Kasia’s professional portfolio combines commercial & artistic photography. She is a distinguished photographer who received the following: 

  • Grand Prix Jazz World Photo Winner 2020 
  • 1st place Professional Photographer IPA Awards 2022 Event/Concert. Project: „That’s NYC Jazz, Babe” 
  • 2nd place Professional Photographer IPA Awards 2023 People/Lifestyle. Project: „Show must go on.” 

Kasia is known for her off-kilter perspective, sensitivity to distinct voices, and contemplative, nostalgia-hued portraits. Kasia captures unforgettable moments that last forever. Her style is a combination of documentary backstage photographs and artistic photography. Kasia loves working with natural light, both intensive and semi-dark. In commercial work, she displays a sumptuous attention to detail and brings a contemporary urban sensibility.

Kasia has been working on her long-term projects. Her main subject: „That’s NYC Jazz, Babe” has been presented in several exhibitions worldwide. True to her project, she wants to show the contribution of jazz artists to the world of music. She captures the improvisation and creative process in jazz music.  Art in any form is a medium for dialogue, which is a powerful tool. Therefore, her photos tell a story about jazz and the positive message that comes with it. The world needs more interaction among people of diverse backgrounds with a greater emphasis on art, culture, and education. 

Kasia Idzkowska